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Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or even just to be able to keep up with your kids, our highly-trained coaches deliver a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience no matter your level of fitness. Come join us in our mission of inspiring families to live enriched, fulfilled lives.

Personal Training

Discover the ultimate personal training program in Fredericksburg, where our exceptional coaches guide you through tailored workouts while our dedicated team provides unwavering support, ensuring a fully personalized fitness journey for unparalleled results.

Nutrition Guidance

Our certified nutrition coaches will provide the accountability, knowledge and motivation you need to help you find and customize the optimal nutrition regime for your body.

24-7 Access

Don’t let a busy schedule hold you back from achieving your fitness goals; our welcoming gym offers open access to accommodate your dynamic lifestyle. Use the equipment and training space at your convenience, as you find inspiration and support within our community.

CrossFit Kids

We help youth athletes have a fun yet challenging experience to help them enjoy movement and training. This program will focus on games and physical skills that will have your kid wanting to come back!




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When you start at 12 Gauge Gym, your fitness level will improve quickly, usually in the first 30 days. The key to see results is consistency and commitment over time so that’s why we recommend 3 classes per week as a start!

Yes! We provide guidance on eating right or sleeping well which can help maximize energy levels – getting YOU maximum results from your efforts.

Nope! Most of our members start just like you. We assess each new members fitness level. Then our workouts are “universally scaled”, with a different version of each days workout designed for every level. As you level up you can take on more challenging variants of the workout if you desire.

We are locally owned and purpose built to make an impact on the health and happiness in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area.

You’re not just a number here, everyone knows your name. We’re a community of like-minded people that wants you to show up and supports each other on this journey to live better lives – with no judgement or criticism along the way!

If you’re a beginner and just starting out then 2-4 times per week will be enough to see results and allow you to adjust. You’ll be sore some days, so allow yourself recovery days between training sessions at first – over the course of the following months work up towards 5 days per week if you want to maximize!
We offer an exciting, challenging and varied programming which will keep it fun! The workouts are published in advance Some days are more strength focused where will focus on our lifts. Movements like barbell squats, kettlebell swings and occasionally some olympics lifts will be included.
Each class is led by qualified coaches. We always start together with a warm-up designed to activate the muscles being used in the workout. The coach will brief on the group on the workout, the movements, and the proper form. During the workout, the coach will be guiding and providing instruction. At the end of class, we will cool down together to accelerate recovery and reduce potential injury.


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11050 Pierson Drive
Fredericksburg, VA, 22408

(540) 509-0990

Coach Caroline

CrossFit Level 1

I’ve had a lifelong relationship with fitness, but was always fixated on shrinking myself and taking up less space. My Pinterest boards were filled with curated “exercise challenge” infographics, and my Tumblr was clogged with “thinspirations”. After stumbling upon a CrossFit documentary in 2015, I was in awe of what the female athletes were capable of. I had finally found a culture where men and women alike were encouraged to take up space and celebrate strength. After stalking the sport for three years, I finally got the guts to try it myself. While working a desk job in administration, I would reward myself for getting through the day with a CrossFit class in the evening. That was my sign to follow my passion and pursue a career in fitness.

In 2020, I started doing cleaning, social media, and different odd jobs at CrossFit Harrisonburg, continued into management, and finally became a CF-L1 trainer. After a while I moved to Staunton, Virginia as the head coach and manager of 3xF, a former CrossFit Affiliate. Now, I’ve accumulated over 1,500 hours of group class instruction and personal training. I moved to Fredericksburg with my husband in October 2023. I dropped in to every CrossFit gym in the area, and finally found my home at 12 Gauge. I couldn’t be happier to continue working in fitness and helping people to become the better versions of themselves.


CrossFit Level 1

Coach Lauren

CrossFit Level 1

My first introduction to CrossFit was performing a WOD with a rower, a dumbell, and a desire for change. Afterwards, I was completely spent and thoroughly surprised I was still alive. More importantly, I was hooked.

Since 2016 I have intermittently trained in CrossFit at boxes across the country. Being active duty military, it was not always feasible to maintain a membership, but my love for the sport never faded. In 2021 I obtained my Level 1 Certification before moving duty stations. After several years of having a constantly changing schedule, I was finally able to settle down and start coaching in 2024.

Eight years after discovering it, I can easily say that CrossFit is still as rewarding and beneficial as the first time I completed a WOD. The health benefits and sense of accomplishment you can achieve with this sport are amazing. But not nearly as amazing as the people you meet when you are at the box. They will cheer you on and push you every single day you show up. And so will I.


CrossFit Level 1


CrossFit Level 1

I’m a proud father of 5 boys and former multi-sport Division I athlete, with coaching blood running through my veins. From my grandfather to my father, I share their love and ability for all things sports. Together with my wife Leila, we love being around like-minded people with a passion for fitness and competition, and we found that in the CrossFit community at large and here at home with CrossFit XII Gauge.
My CrossFit journey started a few years back and, as a lifelong gym rat, I can tell you there really is nothing else that delivers a better combination of fitness, competition, and camaraderie. Whether it’s the satisfaction of crushing a hero WOD (e.g., Murph, Fran, etc…), the exhilaration of conquering a new skill or hitting a PR (e.g., double-unders, muscle-ups, etc…), or just the daily pride of knowing you’re getting fitter every day you show up, it’s what I try and instill in my athletes every day.
We all come from different backgrounds and life circumstances, and, as a result, are at different fitness levels, but one thing is for certain, you’ve got to show up to get results. As your coach, I will show up for you, so come join me and my “extended family” at CrossFit XII Gauge for the best hour of your day. Your body will thank you and you won’t regret it.


CrossFit Level 1

Coach Brian


I have been at CrossFit 12 Gauge for over 5 years. I first signed my son up to get him to do some physical activity. Realizing that I was spending an hour waiting for kids’ class, might as well be doing something. My first CrossFit class was a 35 min WOD, it was brutal. I did CrossFit for six months, then I participated in a strongman practice comp. And fell in love with Strongman. I did my first comp as a last minute sign-up and took 3rd place.
I listened to a podcast with Ed Coan one day. He said “be a student of your sport.” I took that serious and started learning everything strongman related. I learned so much that I started helping others in the gym on cues and techniques. Shortly after that, I formed my own club within 12 Gauge. I welcome anyone who wants try strongman, whether they want to just have fun or become a serious competitor. I have met some of the most amazing people in strongman. I have competed at the Olympia and finished 10th in the Nation. I have finished 5th at USS nationals. I have won America’s Strongest Veteran 3 years in a row. And I have podiumed at numerous local competitions. And currently hold the Virginia State record for keg over bar throw.



Coach Lizzy


Lizzy has been a lifelong athlete, calculated adrenaline junkie, and outdoor enthusiast. She grew up on Charleston beaches and spent her winters in the mountains of Idaho.
Important note: Lizzy will try anything at least once. In college, her beach volleyball coach and trainer suggested CrossFit was a way to increase her metabolic conditioning and strength. She tried it once, and has never looked back.
Over the course of her life Lizzy has experienced her fair share of adventures (from skydiving over the FL Keys, 2-day whitewater rafting trips out west, surfing in Hawaii, sport climbing in WV Gorge, to moving over 5 times across the country as a proud ARMY daughter, to owning her own 6-figure digital design & marketing agency).
Through all of those adventures, and more, she has been consistently supported and driven by only a few factors: family, a no-quit attitude, the philosophy to live fully, and fervor to challenge her mental and physical limits. CrossFit intersects with all of these and therefore, has become a pillar in her life.



Coach Zach


I have been a competitive athlete since I was in elementary school in Northern Virginia, playing sports such as wrestling, lacrosse, swimming, and most of all football. I started playing football when I was 9 and continued all the way up through the end of college where I played at Randolph Macon College in Ashland Va. Fitness and working out has been a mainstay in my daily routine since I was in 8th grade. In high school during the offseason, I lived in the weight room, where I first got introduced to CrossFit and was always a fan of the way CrossFit transformed working out into a fun experience where you could work out and bond with friends/teammates.
While playing college football weight training was once again a staple, and I loved the atmosphere brought forward by working out with my teammates in a group setting. That was one of the holes I noticed in my fitness journey once football was over. After college I fell into the rut of going to the local gym with headphones on, getting a workout in to stay in shape, but having no competitive edge or drive to make any improvements. That is when I found my way back to CrossFit.
I signed up with a couple friends for a CrossFit team competition in Florida, and once the “pregame butterflies” that I used to feel before a big football game hit me while walking out for that first workout, I knew it was over. I was hooked. Since then, I have been training CrossFit daily, once again enjoying that group workout comradery and participating in more competitions. I am excited to help others find their groove, reach their fitness goals, and have a fun time doing it!



Coach Joe


In high school I was a football and track athlete, training for improvement was all I knew. Always with a desire to be faster and stronger, I had/have the mentality that I don’t ever want to get fat and out of shape. Somewhere around 2008, I remember my buddy suggesting we start CrossFit and I was skeptical because it was still new and not widely known and accepted. The first workout I remember was Cindy and it gassed me so bad and I was young and “in shape”. That was all it took and I did CrossFit on my own until early 2017 when I joined my first box at BIO CrossFit, where I quickly became a coach and gained lots of friends and experience that made me better all around. There are many who say I won’t be able to do CrossFit forever and I work to prove them wrong every day. After 15 years I continue to improve and learn, and hope that trend continues for the rest of my life!



Coach John


I have lived in Fredericksburg, VA my whole life. I have always been a very active person, participating in everything from competitive swimming to college rugby. I got especially into fitness in college and afterward struggled to find something that scratched the team fitness itch. I dropped in at a CrossFit box and have been hooked ever since.
I love helping athletes succeed at complex gymnastics and barbell movements. Seeing when everything comes together and clicks for the athlete is one of my favorite parts of teaching.
I have been involved with Crossfit since 2018. I have bounced from gym to gym, and I can confidently say that CrossFit 12 Gauge is a fantastic environment to learn and grow in your fitness journey. I believe in meeting you where you are, and can guarantee that if you show up to work you will see the fruits of your labor. I would encourage anyone who’s on the fence to drop in and give it a shot, I know that you’ll find a warm environment where you can grow and better yourself.



Coach Kelly


Coach Kelly has been a part of the 12 Gauge family for the last three years and has coached the 12 Gauge Kids program since January 2021. She really enjoys instilling her love for CrossFit into kids, including her own. Her goal is for each child to walk away stronger and more prepared to deal with life’s inevitable physical, mental, and emotional challenges. The gym truly is her second home. Coach Kelly trains for endurance races including Spartan Ultra races and multi-day events like the Peak Races Death Race. Over the next several years she is focused on finishing the Death Race and GoRuck Selection. She likes that these events are multifaceted and require significant planning and that they aren’t just a test of physical strength, but are more holistic challenges. Kelly is a Certified CrossFit Kids Coach and is working on her L1 certification. She loves the challenge that CrossFit provides to athletes and loves the community.



Coach Nick


I have been a proud US Marine since 2003, with five years of active duty, and a reservist since 2008. I only ever did the minimum when it came to fitness in the Marines and spent FAR more time playing World of Warcraft than I did working out. It was in 2009, as a reserve Marine, I was hit with the brutal reality that I was 20 pounds over the required standard to be a Marine, one cycle of P90X later, and an addiction to fitness was born.

From 2012-2022, I coached strength and conditioning classes for free at Retro Intensity in Virginia Beach, this was all done while working as a civilian full-time for the Navy. While I dearly miss that gym environment, something about my life there wasn’t agreeing with me and definitely wasn’t setting my heart on fire every day. So, in 2022, the decision was made to hit the reset button on life. I proceeded to resign from my very secure government job of 12 years, sold my paid-off home, and moved to a city where I only knew one person. Fredericksburg, VA. To start life over and go to college for exercise science.

I love coaching and just being around people that want to make themselves better than they were yesterday. That’s my passion and what wakes me up every morning.




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