Athlete of the Month


Congrats, Jim!

1. What is your occupation?
I am an Annuitant, primarily. I also train pilots at Shannon Airport..

2. Describe your fitness background.
I played sports in high school for a while, where my physical acumen could best be described as “small but slow.” Other than that, nothing more than trying to get/stay in shape to one degree or another.

3. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Looking up dead people. Some call it genealogy. Find same in cemeteries, which is trespassing.

4. What superpower would you choose to have?
The power the make people laugh. I admire people who can do this effortlessly.

5. Describe your favorite “cheat” meal.
Ice cream. After all, life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. Carrot Cake is a close second and, if circumstances allow, can be combined with the ice cream for maximum effect. Capital Ale has a carrot cake that easily tops 2,000 calories.

6. When and Why did you start CrossFit?
I attended an introductory class last February. After six weeks, I thought I wasn’t making any discernible progress. However, when the class completed the same workout on the last day as the first, not only did I drop two-plus minutes on a seven minute WOD for time, EVERYONE in the class did the same thing! At that point I decided to officially find a box closer to home and start CrossFit. I researched everything I could to find the pro’s and con’s about CrossFit. My conclusion is that CrossFit is the most complete health and fitness solution available. I’ve searched for this for most of my now considerable years and to finally find a program that works has been a highlight.

7. What was your first CrossFit workout?
No clue. I’m sure I was sore from it since I’ve been sore someplace since 2016.

8. What goals has CrossFit 12 Gauge helped you achieve?
If it’s a health or fitness goal, CrossFit 12 Gauge has been the focal point for all my goals. The coaches and other athletes have been uniformly helpful and supportive. You are all greatly appreciated.

9. What is your favorite movement(s) and why?
My favorite movement is the Bar Muscle-Up. Why? This one seems to separate the sheep from the goats. There is recent inspiration from Sarah, Cassie, and Marc. Someday…

10.  What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?
It’s forthcoming, if I ever get a Bar Muscle-Up.

11.  What is your proudest accomplishment since starting CrossFit?
Just sticking with it. Improvements are slow but steady, but don’t show up unless I show up and work.

12.  What have you learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?
I have learned the critical importance of the people at CrossFit 12 Gauge. It’s easy to go to a gym and admire the equipment. It’s different to have fellow CrossFitters inspire an honest effort. To the coaches and athlete that have inspired me over the past year, Thank You!


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