Coach Robby


Certified LV L1 Crossfit Trainer

In my younger years, I was a high school athlete playing football. Dabbled in basketball as an extracurricular activity and joined the Army in 2006. I have been CrossFitting since 2009 and fell in love with the process of constantly getting healthier and stronger as I age. In 2016 I became a Master Fitness Trainer in the United States Army and discovered my love of teaching and coaching. Upon arriving back in Virginia, I discovered CrossFit 12 Gauge where I was presented with the opportunity to continue on my journey of coaching. I quickly went and received my L1 in October of 2017. I have participated in several CrossFit competitions over the years. I am a recreational Ultrathon Runner having run several races all across the country from Washington State to Virginia. I am currently pursuing a BS in Sports and Health Sciences with a Minor in Coaching. I choose to be a coach, not because I need to be but because I love it.

Steve Sherba