Why is CrossFit so expensive?

Answer: It’s not.
1. You receive personal training in a small group setting from our group of professional Coaches.
2. Our Coaches are here to ensure you move correctly, that you are nourishing your body properly and are accomplishing your individual goals.
3. A membership at CrossFit 12Gauge is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and provide a top tier service.

FAQ: Can I still workout at CrossFit 12Gauge if I am overweight, out of shape, and/or over 50?

Answer: YES!

We want to help you achieve your goals regardless of starting point!
1. We can modify every workout and movement to your current level of ability. We have a program that will fit your needs.
2. We have all been where you are.
3. There is no judgment here, we pride ourselves on being a loving, supportive community.

FAQ: What is CrossFit?


It’s a workout methodology based on constantly-varied high intensity movements that help everyday life. Why it works is because your body never adapts to any one movement thereby keeping the effect of any given day’s workout at maximum – and you never gets bored. The intensity that everyone takes part in ends up galvanizing our supportive community.

FAQ: I heard CrossFit is a cult. Is that true?


No, if you have to call it something, call it a tribe. Cults tend to follow blindly to a leader, tribes work together to the group’s benefit. We do tend to be passionate about what we’ve found though because it works so well and so potently for seemingly all body types and walks of life. What makes us different from the normal corporate chain, or “globo”, gym experience is that we develop a community spirit based on encouraging each other to succeed. We support and push each other in our efforts to achieve our goals. There is never any shame in finishing dead last in a work out as you’ve already beaten everyone that decided to stay on the couch that day. We are all in this together and that’s what makes CrossFit so addictive to so many people. Besides, you will be amazed at your new level of fitness and your awesome new body. You may find yourself spouting the virtues of what you found not long after you start as well!

FAQ: What is the Class Structure Like?


Classes are approximately 1 hour long. First 5-10 minutes are dedicated to explanation of the days’ activity and warm up. Next 15-30 minutes are our strength portion. Some days it may be one movement other days it could be two. For example we may do push press and back squat that day. The next we may just spend 20 minutes on clean & jerks. Finally the WOD. This lasts between 5-30 minutes depending on what is programed. WOD’s are constantly varied each day. *WOD = workout of the day*

FAQ: Is this for me?

Answer: Absolutely!

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! We focus on functional movements. These type of movements are essential human movements that we use everyday. Any movement and any workout can be scaled to fit each individual’s needs. Bottom line, everyone will benefit from CrossFit….even grandma!


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